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40 Days of Prayer: Part 4

Evangelism is spreading the Good News. We who have received the Good News already have a part to play in others hearing it as well. Paul addresses exactly this in Colossians 4:2-6. We need to pray for those who have been sent, for doors to be open, and the right words to be said. We also need to be ready ourselves to live lives of wisdom and well seasoned speech.  Take some time to read the valuable instruction in this short passage today. May God bless you as you lean on Him and trust Him this week.

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40 days of prayer

40 Days of Prayer: part 3

While I do not have music, fields, or my dog this week, it is good to open up Romans 8 today with you. The great struggle with sin that we have can only be won by God Himself. Jesus won the war on the cross and the Spirit in His fullness is able to win it in every believer. I hope you take some time to read Romans 7 and 8 and allow the Holy Spirit in His fullness to give you victory over sin in your life. Thanks for stopping by today. Continue to follow along in the 40 Days of Prayer.

40 days of prayer

40 Days of Prayer: Part 2

Repentance is not familiar to us today. This probably is because we must admit we are wrong which is very unpopular today. Yet the problem goes deeper than that. We find out we are broken and sinful. What do we do? People asked that question in Acts 2:37 and in the next verse Peter tells them "Repent". Repentance is essential to us and opens up our relationship with God. Even as we walk with Him we find more times where repentance is needed as we see in the churches in Revelation 1-3. Thanks so much for stopping by again today.  Music: https://www.hooksounds.com

40 days of prayer

40 Days of Prayer: Part 1

A time of transition in leadership and of uncertainty, that is when Isaiah encountered the LORD in His holiness as he entered the Temple as Isaiah relates this in Isaiah 6. The king was dead but God was very much alive and holy. In a day such as ours that has very little understanding of God let alone His holiness, we need to encounter Him and know Him. I hope you will read Isaiah 6 and encounter this God who wants you to know Him better. Let's join together in the 40 days of Prayer as well. There is a link below to access those daily devotionals as we focus on prayer.

40 days of prayer

Fear Not: Part 4

Over these weeks leading up to Christmas we have been considering some of the places that people in the Bible were commanded to "fear not!" Imagine being one of those shepherds out in the field that night Jesus was born. There were dangers they faced and rejection they lived with. But most nights it was just showing up and doing their jobs. They were not expecting that angelic encounter. "Good tidings of great joy" had come to them! More important Jesus the Messiah had arrived. Thanks for stopping by. We hope you know that great joy that only the Savior can bring by knowing Him. Merry Christmas!

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Fear Not: Part 3

"Our God is with us!" This is the message that is so central to Christmas. God has come in the flesh. The command to "fear not", comes often in the Bible with a promise: God will be with us. When you feel the anxiety of today, I pray that you sense the presence of God with you. May the Lord open all of our eyes as He has down through the ages to the power of His presence. Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed week!


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Fear Not: Part 2

Anxiety has become the daily enemy of so many of us. God has known throughout all time that we live with this tendency. Paul in Philippians 4:1-9 shows us the opposite of fear is God's peace, and it is a promise through His gracious direction to us. Jesus tells us the only One we need to fear in Luke 12:4-7 and at the same time how much our God loves and cares for us. Great promises given! Great challenges to our souls! Thanks so much for stopping by! May God bless you as you walk with Him this week!

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Fear Not: Part 1

"Fear Not!" was a message to the shepherds that heard the announcement of Jesus' birth. It is a message that we need to hear today. It is a message that echoes down through time in the pages of the Bible. Joseph said it in Genesis 50:19. His concern was that his own brothers where putting him in the place of God because of their fear. Like those brothers, we need to allow God to be in His rightful place. Thanks for stopping by. May God bless you today and in this week!

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