An Appointment with the Depths


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Jul. 26, 2020

“An Appointment with the Depths”

Jonah 1:17-2:10

1. A Great Appointment (1:17)

 A. The LORD Appointed  

B. Three Days and Three Nights

2. Pray! (2:1-9)

A. The Reaction 

Jonah 1:9

Luke 12:4-5

B. The Situation 2-7  

C. Who God is (and is not) 8

Exodus 20:4-6

D. Jonah’s Response to God’s Salvation 9

Luke 12:4-7

3. The Ride is Over (2:10)

A. The LORD Spoke to the fish

Genesis 1:3

B. The Fish Vomited Jonah out

 Isaiah 57:15


 1. How is your soul this morning? Are you needing the words from God to express your fear or frustration?

2. What are the idols of which you are most attracted? Are they causing you to forsake the everlasting love of God?