Business As Usual: Part 2


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Sep. 06, 2020

Business As Usual: Part 2

Luke 19:11-27

1. Sounds Pretty Familiar but Not all the Same

A. The reason for telling the story 11

B. He was going away

Luke 9:22

2. Investment

A. Servants or slaves

B. They are using a resource that was not their own to begin with.

Luke 16:10-13

C. What have you been given?

Deuteronomy 6:10-11

A few areas of your life to consider...




Material wealth

Luke 21:1-4

D. Opposition Party - Then and Today

3. Consequence

Hebrews 9:27-28

A. We forget that there is a reckoning.

B. The First Two with their Investments 16-18

C. One to One exchange 20-26

D. The space between the servants and verse 27

E. The Enemies 27


1. What are you holding back?

2. What have you invested?

3. How is the yield from your eyes today?

4. Which of these servants do you identify with?

5. Which one would you like to identify with?