Celebrating Freedom That Everyone Needs


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Jul. 05, 2020

Celebrating Freedom That Everyone Needs

John 8: 31-47

1. The Truth will set you free

A. The lie of finding our own truth

John 8:44

Genesis 3:1, 4-5

B.  Lies enslave us to our next lie

John 14:6

2. We don't need your freedom (v. 33)

A. We are Abraham's children

B. Ok the Sons of Abraham thing

Romans 4:16

Romans 5:16

C. The attitude they/we show

Psalms 2:3

3. Jesus' Mission

A. Announcing the reason He Came

Luke 4:18-19

B. Rejecting His great gift


1. Are you free? Do you really feel free today? If not, why?

2. Is there something in your life that causes you to say that you do not need freed just like the rulers said to Jesus (John 8:33)?