Don't Say that in Church!


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Nov. 06, 2022

Luke 12:49-56

Don't Say that in Church!

1.Fire! (vs. 49-53)

A. What about peace and good news?

Luke 4:18

Luke 7:22-23

Luke 3:7-9

Luke 3:15-17

B. Family ties were not to ever be dissolved

Micah 7:6-7

Luke 12:1-12

2. Paying Attention to the Times (vs. 54-56)

A. Talk about the weather

B. This has greater priority than the weather

C. The action we are called to is greater than just a comfortable way of life.

D. Don't shrink back further!

Jeremiah 29:7, 11-13

Esther 4:14

Daniel 6:10

Nehemiah 2:5

3. The Time to Act is Now (vs. 57-59)

A. Urgency

Romans 11:22

B. Jesus is serious about grace


1. As you reflect on moments when there is tension over a difference in perspective on what is right and wrong between you and someone else, has it been Jesus’ authority that has shaped your view?

2. Looking forward to Tuesday, are you settled on your decision of who to vote for and how you will support those candidates and views going forward with your prayers and actions?

Follow Up in the Word through the Week…

Monday: Read: Luke 12:1-12

In what way does Jesus’ words bring you peace and anxiety? How can you apply especially the last verses when having to speak for Jesus in any situation to give you peace when having to do so?

Tuesday: Read: Luke 7:22-23

What is the evidence that Jesus gives to John to report the validity of His ministry? What is the blessing given by Jesus?

Wednesday: Read: Jeremiah :7, 11-13

What is the prophet’s advice to those living in a land that did not share their values? How do you pursue the “welfare” of the place that you live right now?

Thursday: Read: Daniel 6:1-28

How did Daniel react to the attack against him and the corruption by the other leaders under the king at the time? What distinguished Daniel from the others in this country that was not Daniel’s home country? How can you act in a similar way today?

Friday: Read: Esther 4

What crisis had arisen for the Jewish people? How was Esther asked to act on behalf of her people and what was she having to risk to carry that out?

Saturday: Read: Nehemiah 2

What was Nehemiah at risk of losing when encountering the king? What was he asking to do?