It is time to act


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Oct. 11, 2020

Esther 4

“It Is Time to Act”

1. Life or Death

A. A king who threw away wives

Esther 1:10-22

B. An assistant who held grudges

Esther 3:1-6

C. A deadly situation

Esther 3:13

2. Mordecai’s Appeal

A. Grief

B. For such a time as this

Esther 4:14

3. Esther Acts

A. Fast (and PRAY)

B. Risking her life

C. What about our/your time?

Acts 1:6-8

1 Peter 5:6-7


1. Can you believe that God has placed you where you are for such a time as this?

2. Are you ready to act as the Lord would have you? What stands in your way?