It Is Time To Stand


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Oct. 04, 2020


Daniel 6:1-28

It is Time to Stand

1. Fearless from the Beginning

A. Participation from the inside

Daniel 1:5-6

B. Distinctly Belonging to the LORD

Daniel 1:8-13

Daniel 1:19- 21

C. God Sustained and increased

2. Survival is not What Life's about Daniel 3:1-30

A. Being Successful is not our goal

B. Sometimes you just have to go along with things...or not

C. Trust God. 

Daniel 3:16-18

D. Respect from others

 Daniel 3:28

3. Prayer is Worth Dying for Daniel 6:1-28

A. Corruption in All Ages (Not just in the email age)

Daniel 6:5

B. His Relationship with the LORD

Daniel 6:10

C. Courage Found beyond Himself

D. It Costs again


1. Have you prayed for our country since last week? When considering the examples in Daniel how should prayer figure into your concern for our country?

2. Daniel’s relationship with the LORD caused him to take a stand? Are you willing to stand for even the most basic issues in this day? Where have you found the courage to stand in your life?