Meeting Your Expectations


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Apr. 02, 2023

Mark 11:1-11

Meeting Your Expectations

1. Expectations of Jerusalem and the Disciples

A. Finally Looking at Jerusalem (v. 1)

Zechariah 14:3-4

B. Get the Colt (vs. 2-6)

Genesis 49:8-12

1 Kings 1:38-40

Zechariah 9:9

C. The Lord has need of it (vs. 3-6)

D. Cloaks and Branches (vs. 7, 8)

2 Kings 9:11-13

E. Sing a Psalm (vs. 9-10)

Psalm 118:25-26

F. Going to the Temple

Malachi 3:1

G. Romans and Passover

Acts 5:35-37

2. Our Expectations of Jesus Today

James 1:14-15

What are your Expectations of Jesus?

3. Expectations of Jesus When Getting to Jerusalem

A. Three Times Jesus Calls Attention to What will Happen in Jerusalem

Mark 8:31

Mark 9:30-32

Mark 10:32-34

B. The Abuse of the Mob

Mark 15:6-20

Good Friday Evening at TSC. One of my worst days in retail.

C. The “Next” Palm Sunday

Revelation 7:9-17


1. Do your expectations look forward to that final Palm Sunday in Revelation 7:9-17? 

2. How do Jesus’ expectations that He shared with the disciples bring redemption, healing, love, and eternal life to you? How does that change your expectations in life?

Follow Up in the Word through the Week…


Read: Mark 11:12-19

What happens on this day leading up to the cross? What does Jesus say about the tree and the temple?


Read: Mark 11:20-33

What instructions does Jesus give on this day about prayer? Who has authority according to Jesus?


Read: Mark 12:1-11

How does this parable show the events of what happened in Israel and in the life of Jesus? What points connect with you?


Read: Mark 14:12-25

What is the Hebrew Holiday being celebrated by Jesus and His followers? How does that celebration connect with what Jesus institutes in the Lord’s Supper?


Read: Mark 15:6-41

What are the few words that Mark records in this chapter that Jesus said? Who properly identifies Jesus and why do you think that is important? 


Read: Revelation 7:9-17

What is the crowd waving? Who is present and what does this say about the victory of Jesus Christ?