Not What You Have Come to Expect


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Jul. 12, 2020

Not What You Have Come to Expect

Jonah 1:1-6

1. The Book is Unexpected

A. Jonah the Prophet

2 Kings 14:23-27

B. Jesus Knew Jonah to be Real

Matthew 12:38-42

2. Unexpected Interaction (vs.1-3)

A. The Word of the LORD (vs.1, 2)

B. Jonah votes with his feet (v. 3)

3. Some People Can Sleep Through Anything (vs. 4-6)

A. The LORD Hurled a Storm (v. 4)

B. The Sailors Hurled the Cargo (v. 5)

C. And Jonah Slept (v. 5b)

Matthew 28:18

D. Come on, man! Do your part! (v. 6)

Matthew 6:19-21


1. Have you ever considered that God is the God over all of your uncertainties? What is most uncertain right now in your life and are you ready to give that to the LORD, now?

2. In what ways is Jesus calling you to fulfill His Great Commission? Have you laid aside that calling or are you in tune with His leading?