On the Road to Jerusalem: Bad Blood and Radical Commitment


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Mar. 27, 2022

Luke 9:51-62

On the Road to Jerusalem: Bad Blood and Radical Commitment

1. Days were Drawing Near (v. 51)

A. Another Reminder of His Mission

B. It is time to get going!

C. Resolute Devotion

2. Bad Blood Usually Has a Backstory

A. Where did the Samaritans come from?

The divided kingdom of 10 Tribes in the North The Assyrian Exile of 722 BC

John 4:20

B. Bad Reception and a Resolute mission (vs. 52-53)

C. The Samaritans were not without hope

D. Calling Down Fire

John 4:21-26

Acts 1:8

3. Rejection and Responsibility (vs. 57-62)

A. Desire to Follow on the road (vs. 57-58)

B. Another Invitation (vs. 59-60)

C. No time for Goodbyes? (vs. 61-62)

1 Corinthians 1:26-29

Luke 9:23

D. Plowing

Philippians 3:14

E. The Kingdom of God

Matthew 6:25-34


1. What are you chasing in this life? What or who are you living for?

2. Do you see yourself as a person called by Jesus? How do you respond to being called?

Follow Up in Word through this Week


Read:  John 4:3-4

Most Jewish people traveled around this region because of the hatred shared between Samaritans and Jews. What does this say about Jesus’ view of Samaritans?


Read: John 4:1-30

What does Jesus promise in verses 21-26? What is the response of the woman in verses 27-30?


Read: Acts 1:8

In light of Jesus’ rejection in Luke 9 by the Samaritans, how does this statement to the apostles about their mission speak to us about our mission to the world around us and those that reject us?


Read: 1 Corinthians 1:26-29

What is “calling” as Jesus describes it here? Is Jesus speaking to pastors or leaders here? How does that affect your view of how you are “called”? 


Read: Philippians 3:14

What makes it difficult to “press on” today in your life? Is the “upward call” your primary goal?


Read: Matthew 6:25-34

How much do the worries that Jesus describes impact your life today? How often is the center of your attention on the Kingdom of God?