On the road to Jerusalem: Free as the open road


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Apr. 03, 2022

Luke 13:10-17

“On the Road to Jerusalem: Free as the Open Road”

1. In a Synagogue on the Sabbath (vs. 10-11)

A. Where to Expect Jesus (v. 10)

Luke 4:16-19

B. (Un)expected Company (v. 11)

Luke 10:17-20

2. Jesus Sees the Invisible (vs. 12-16)

A. A Habit of Seeing who is ignored (v. 12)

John 9:1-5

B. The Reaction of the Woman (v. 13)

Galatians 5:1

C. The Reaction of the Synagogue Ruler (v. 14)

D. Who is more important? (vs. 15, 16)

Deuteronomy 5:14

Luke 6:1-11 ESV

3. The Kingdom Cannot Help but be Noticed (vs. 17-21)

A. The Reaction of the crowd (v. 17)

Luke 9:43

Exodus 34:10

B. What seems to be small and insignificant is about to be Huge! (vs. 18-21)


1. Is there something you need set free from today? This is the day for Jesus to set you free!

2. How important is this day of Sabbath to you? Do you seek the refreshment and healing that only the Lord can give today?

Follow Up in the Word through the Week


Read Luke 4:16-19

What was Jesus’ practice? What was Jesus’ mission according to this passage He read from Isaiah?


Read: Luke 10-1-20

What were the instructions to the 72 being sent? What catches your attention about these instructions? What report did they bring back to Jesus and what did Jesus tell them about the demons?


Read: Galatians 5:1

For what purpose were we set free for according to this verse? What kind of freedom is Paul talking about? What freedom did the woman in Luke 13:10-17 experience when Jesus “freed” her?


Read: Luke 6:1-11

How did Jesus use the Sabbath in these verses? What does this teach us about our use of the Sabbath?


Read: Exodus 34:10

How was Jesus fulfilling this as you read the gospels? How is that still the desire of people today?


Read: John 9

What reason does Jesus give for the blindness of the man at the beginning of the chapter? What freedom do you see in the man by the end of the chapter?