On the Road to Jerusalem: Gratitude Along the Way


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Apr. 10, 2022

Luke 17:11-19

“On the Road to Jerusalem: Gratitude Along the Way"

1. Here we are again (vs. 11-13)

A. Purpose in the Journey

B. From a distance

Leviticus 13:42-46

Numbers 5:2-3

C. Master, have mercy!

2. The Miracle of Gratitude (vs. 14-16)

A. Still keeping the law

2 Kings 5:10

Luke 5:12-16

B. Belief on Display and Healing

C. Only one turned back (v. 15)

D. Worship and He was a Samaritan

3. Jesus Responds (vs. 17-19)

A. Where are the other 9?

B. The unexpected does the expected

C. Your faith has saved you

D. Jesus wept

Luke 19:41-44


1. How does Jesus weep over our missing the point and the opportunity to worship?

2. What place does gratitude toward God have in your life and how do you express that to Him?

Follow up in the Word through the Week This week follow Jesus through Jerusalem to the Cross: these mark the days of that week of Jesus in Jerusalem

Sunday: Luke 19:28-44

Monday: Luke 19:45, 46

Tuesday: Luke 20:1-Luke 21:36

Wednesday: Luke 21:37-Luke 22:2

Thursday: Luke 22:7-46

Friday: Luke 22:47-Luke 23:54

Saturday: To get ready for Sunday! Luke 24