On the Road to Jerusalem: How are they missing this so badly?


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Mar. 20, 2022

Luke 9:37-50

"On the Road to Jerusalem: How are they missing this so badly?”

1. Heading to Jerusalem and the Cross

A. Transition from Galilee

Chapter 9 of Luke is right at that transition

B. Jesus increases mentioning His suffering

C. Who He is 9:18-27

D. The Mountain (vs. 28-36)

2. The Next Day

A. From a relatively private moment… (v. 37)

B. A Difficult Demonic Case (vs. 38-39)

C. The problem of misplaced trust (v. 41)

Deuteronomy 32:4-5

“What’s wrong with the world?”

_Dear Sir,

__I am.

_Yours, G.K. Chesterton

D. What changed?

Luke 9:1-2

Acts 19:13-16

E. Amazed at the majesty of God (v. 43)

F. There is more you are missing (vs. 43b-45)

Luke 9:21-22

Luke 9:23-27

3. Are you serious? (vs. 46-48)

A. Who is the greatest? (v. 46)

James 1:22-24

B. A Child and the least (vs. 47-48)

C. People Livin’ in Competition (vs. 49-50)

Luke 9:28

Romans 13:14


1. Is it easy to be critical of the shortcomings of the disciples in these verses we have looked at? In what ways have you been challenged to look at your own self driven tendencies in light of what Jesus showed the disciples?

2. How can you find greater meaning and identity in Jesus’ call to follow Him than striking out on your own?

Following Up in the Word This Week


Read: Luke 9:1-6

What does Jesus give to the disciples as He sends them? What directions are they given? What were the results?


Read: 9:10-17

What was the report from the disciple’s mission? What does Jesus perform next? What kind of an impact would this have on the disciples and the crowds?


Read: Luke 9:18-28

What question did Jesus ask? What were some of the answers given? How does Jesus compare to those answers? What was the correct answer and who gave it? What are the implications of who Jesus is to all who follow Him?


Read: Luke 9:29-36

Who was invited to go with Jesus to the mountain? Who else shows up? After all the comparisons of the crowd how important was it to see Jesus next to Elijah and Moses? What does the “Voice” say about who Jesus is? 


Read: Deuteronomy 32:4-5

How does Israel’s faithlessness and the that of the disciples compare? What do both groups have in common when it comes to what they have seen and experienced in relationship to God?


Read: Luke 9:46-48

How many times have you witnessed this kind of an argument? How has it turned out? When have you felt like John in 9:49 and 50?