One People. One Mission.


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Sep. 13, 2020


One People. One Mission

Luke 4:14-30

1. The Spirit vs. 18-19

Isaiah 61:1-3

A. The emphasis from Jesus’ baptism on of the Spirit

Luke 3:21-22

Luke 4:1, 14

B. Direct implication for our need of the Spirit

Acts 1:8

2. Good News

Isaiah 52;7

3. Release

A. The poor

Luke 13:10-13

B. Jubilee 

Leviticus 25:35-43

C. The Moses seat was the seat of the teacher.

D. Jesus is in the freedom business. We need to be in the freedom business.

E. Think of all of the chains today.

4. The response vs. 22-30

A. Selfish gain for them.

B. 28- 30 violent response

C. Israel could not accept Him


1. What chains are you in today? Are you ready to be freed from them?

2. Have you signed on with God’s mission?

3. Is the Holy Spirit driving you in what you do daily?