Praying for Rebels and the Difference It Can Make


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Apr. 24, 2022

Deuteronomy 9:1-29

Praying for Rebels and the Difference It Can Make

1. Remember Who You Are (vs. 1-6)

A. It is not because of how good you are.

Deuteronomy 7:6-10

B. What people say to themselves

Deuteronomy 7:17

Deuteronomy 8:17

Habakkuk 1:12-13

C. The Lord goes before

Deuteronomy 9:3

Numbers 13:32-33

D. God Keeps His Promises (vs. 5, 6)

2. Intense prayer for rebels

A. Friends

Exodus 33:11

B. On behalf of the rebels

Deuteronomy 9:18-19, 25

Psalm 83:13-18

Matthew 5:43-46

3. The Mission and Mystery of Prayer

A. God’s Promised Destruction and Reconstruction

Was God serious that He was going to destroy Israel? Was God serious that He was going to destroy Nineveh in the book of Jonah?

B. Moses’ Effective Prayer

Deuteronomy 9:26-29

C. The mission cannot be lost

Genesis 12:1-3

Exodus 19:5-6

Matthew 28:19-20


1. Do you have a person or a group of people that you pray for who are outwardly rebellious against Jesus Christ?

2. Have you dealt with the temptation to view yourself as superior? What does Deuteronomy 9 say in response to this tendency the Israelites had? What helps you to have a healthy humble view of yourself in light of what Jesus has done for you?

Follow Up in the Word through the Week


Read: Deuteronomy 9

How does the LORD want Israel to view itself and what historical events does Moses bring up? What role did prayer play in those events?


Read: Numbers 13 (focus on the report of verses 32, 33)

What kind of people did the spies find when they surveyed the land? Were those people still there later in Deuteronomy 9 when the people were preparing to enter? Had the mission changed in 40 years? What might this say to us about the “giants” we face today?


Read: Exodus 33:11

How is Moses’ relationship with God described in these verses? How is your relationship with God today?


Read: Psalm 83:13-18

As the Psalmist cries out for justice, what is the desired product of his prayer? How have people in the Bible and history come to know the Lord or returned to Him as a result of calamity?


Read: Matthew 5:43-46

When you read these verses, who do you think about in your life? Pray for that person or those people.


Read: Matthew 28:19-20

How do your prayers for the rebels in your life lead to this commission of Christ being fulfilled?