Rebuild: More Than Just Work


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Apr. 19, 2020

Nehemiah 3

Rebuild: More than Just Work

1. Consecrated Work vs. 1

A. “God Restores!”

B. The High Priest is not above the work

C. The work is consecrated

Question 1: Is the mission that you are on from God? Is the work that you have given yourself to in line with the character of God?

Question 2: Are you allowing for God’s character to be seen in all of the work you are doing?

Nehemiah 2:8, 18

Exodus 20:8-11

D. The Placement of this verse

E. Not leaving all the “holy” work to the professionals

2. Too Good for the work vs. 5

A. The Tekoites

B. The Nobles

“Be ashamed of nothing but sin; not of fetching wood (if time permit) or of drawing water; not of cleaning your shoes, or your neighbor’s.” from John Wesley, “Twelve Rules of a Helper”

Mark 8:34-37

Luke 12:41-48

1 Corinthians 4:1-5

C. Yet they took up another

Nehemiah 3:27

3. Everybody is Welcome to Work vs. 12

A. Ruler of half the district of Jerusalem

B. His Daughters

C. Community project

D. So many want to help right now


1. What are your hopes and dreams for work today? How have you invited Jesus into the work that you delight in and/or desire to do?

2. In what way then have you given yourself to the work of the church in the past? In light of the present how do you desire to join into the work of the church? What new or rebuilt ministries should be taking place in the work of the church?