Saying No to the Status Quo


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Sep. 20, 2020


Saying No to the Status Quo

Matthew 28:16-20

1. Shook up from the beginning

A. The plan begins

Genesis 12:1-3

B. A people

Exodus 19

 Exodus 19:4-6

C. A Different kind of Ruler

2 Samuel 7:12, 16

D. All for a mission 

2. All Authority

A. Some were doubtful

B. All Authority

 1 Timothy 6:14-16

C. Motivation to break from the Status Quo

C.S. Lewis

3. The Great Commission

A. Make Disciples

Revelation 7:9-10

B. Go

John 1:14

Acts 1:8

C. Baptizing

Will you take your stand for Jesus?

D. Teaching

E. Christ is present


1. What bold change does Jesus want you to make to see the Great Commission carried out?

2. “Who are the people in my relationships who appear to be aware of their need for grace? Who are the people I know who are at the place where they can hear an invitation to attach themselves to grace through an initial commitment to God in Christ? Who are the people in my fellowship who are ready to advance in the life of grace and become deeper disciples of Christ?” (Steve Harper “Grace in a Postmodern World” from Grace and Holiness in a Changing World p. 58)